A Web By Design is owned and operated by Wolak Enterprises. We have been involved with graphic design, computers, the internet and web development for over 23 years. We started out just learning how to troubleshoot computer software and designing logos and other marketing material and later branched out into web development in 1996. In 2004, we learned Mambo, an open source content management system and then became interested in using Joomla from it's earliest versions.

Whether you are wanting help purchasing a new computer or upgrading an older one, we can help you step through your purchase so that you are getting a machine that works within your budget.

We understand PCs and MACs and can help you migrate between the two platforms.

If you have a new system and are looking for some help understanding how to use the  programs that come with it, or building your first social media site for your business, we can guide you along the process.

Using technology can be overwhelming, so our goal is to simplify it for you and integrate the pieces of technology that will do the job for you and set it up so that when you are using it, it's already loaded correctly.