All of these sites use the latest technology for coding websites. The more recent ones have even less graphics that make up the design, allowing the pages to all load more quickly. Depending upon the Client's wishes, the sites will always be uniquely different and have differing amounts of graphics. Knowing that there are people who still visit sites using only a dial-up internet account (yes really!), creating sites that load quickly will benefit your visitors. If you have a lot of graphics, the size of these files all add up to the amount of time it takes your visitors to view your website on their computer. Good clean code is a must, or the site will not operate correctly.

During the past several years, as technology changes and other programming options become the new norm in web development, we have been creating more sites using opensource programming software. Programs like "Joomla!" and "Wordpress" allow you to have a website that allows for easier updates by you and your staff. There are many more ways to build a website today, and so many types of programming options.  We have chosen to focus on a few of the leaders in content management systems who have a thriving developers community and their core software code is well supported.

Our goal in developing a web site for you is to understand what your needs are first and foremost and then to offer you a variety of options that will meet those needs and your budget.

Colorado Asset

Colorado Asset - College in Colorado

This website has information about Colorado ASSET, which allows eligible students without documentation to pay in-state, rather than out-of-state tuition, as well as receive the College Opportunity Fund stipend at Colorado public colleges.






Eddie mulderEddie Mulder's West Coast Dirt Track Series

Eddie Mulder is a record-holding motorcycle racing legend “Fast Eddie Mulder” has set track records on courses ranging from the deserts and the dirt tracks of California and Mexico to the more than 14,000 feet-high Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado. His own racing series, now in its 20th year, “Eddie Mulders West Coast Dirt Track Series,” runs several events throughout California, including the Cal Expo Vintage Mile in Sacramento. We have taken over the management of this website for them.

All American Auto Repair LongmontAll American Auto Repair Longmont, Inc. 

All American Auto Repair is a family-owned and operated auto repair shop in Longmont, Colorado. They decided they needed to get a website for their company due to the increasing demand to have an internet presence. They had their print ads in the Yellow Pages directory, but they weren't able to promote themselves on the web without a website. This site was created using Joomla. We customized the look of the site to incorporate the colors from their new company logo and used photos that we shot at their shop to give it a personalized look. Several online web forms have been created to allow customers to interact with the company at all hours of the day. The company will be able to edit their own content moving forward as needed. This latest version of their site is now using a responsive template making it accessible on types of devices and operating systems.


Colorado Wildland Fire & Incident Management Academy

CWFIMA - Fire Training Academy

The staff at the Academy had their hands full without always having the time to maintain their website. When they contacted us, they wanted to redesign their existing site so that they could manage it more easily and even remotely to keep it current. The original website was created using Dreamweaver and was a static site. We helped them to decide upon using Joomla! as the Content Management System. By doing this, it would allow not just one person to edit the site, but multiple people to keep the information current. It also allows for students to register and obtain additional information about upcoming classes and events. This latest version of their site is now using a responsive template making it accessible on types of devices and operating systems.



Pilates Balance Pilates Balance in Motion Longmont, CO

Pilates Studio

The owner of Pilates Balance in Motion wanted a presence on the internet to promote her business. She wanted a clean and simple look that reflected her passion for helping people.